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Слушать Tamia - Tell Me Who

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О песне

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Рейтинг: 0
Название композиции: Tell Me Who
Музыкант: Tamia
Длительность mp3: 05:04
Прослушано раз: 213

Текст композиции

Wait a minute
There's something on my mind
I can't hold in any longer
Turn around
Don't just turn the radio down
I don't wanna hear ";oh, uh, oh, uh, oh, uh";
No, no, no (uh uh uh uh uh uh)

Wait a minute
There's something I wanna say

1 - Tell me who joined us in the bed last night
Don't look at me crazy, it did not feel right
A little to drink, but had a lot to say
Tell me who it was, tell me who it was

Who ever she was, she was on your mind
You stuttered a name that didn't sound like mine
Your silence right now will jeopardize you and I
Tell me who it was, oh tell me who it was

Repeat 1

You left home early
And you came home late (again)
I know there's something goin' on
Tell me what it is
What does she have that I don't?
Don't try to even lie
I just wanna know the truth
Last night while you were in my bed
You brought Cathy, Tracy, Trina home with you
Tell me

Repeat 1

(I'll tell ya how I knew)
I could feel it in your touch
Ain't lovin' good enough, no
(Baby who's foolin' who?)
You come home tired all the time
And you don't let me get mine, no
(Now before I say we're through)
She played you for a fool
She can't love you like I do
You can say what you want to
But last night you brought someone home with you
Tell me

Repeat 1 to fade

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