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О песне

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Рейтинг: 0
Название композиции: Fade Out Lines
Музыкант: The Avener
Длительность mp3: 03:32
Прослушано раз: 343

Текст композиции

It's every way I look
From last biggest down right here
Under your precity, rapped by your ear
It's creepin' n' sweetly, it's definitely here
There's nothing more deadly than slow growing fear.

Life was full n' fulfill and you could take a ring on bite.
That you spoolin' will over your skin's delight.

But the shadow it grows and takes the death away.
Even broken down pieces do this priceless ballet.


The shadow proves, the shadow proves.
The thing 'til we go into the fade out lines.
The shadow proves, the shadow proves.
The thing 'til we go into the fade out lines.

Do we built all those bridges
to watch the thing under dust?
Or blow them volunteerly off the constant trust.
The clock is tickin' its last couple of times.
And there won't be a party in the weather in frost


Heading deeper down
with sliding without note seen
all round the climb.
Heading deeper down,
we're hanging onto sweet nothings,
left behind.

Deeper down.
We're all going down.
Down, deeper down, yeah.

We are all plunging straight to
walls are own to plunge.
Without noticing we slide
Down, deeper down.

The shadow grows
Without ever slowing down.
We are heading straight
into the fade out line.

Chorus. (x2)

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